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What is Sound Healing ?

Sound is audible energy! Sound Healing is a form of Energy Healing.

We are all made up of atoms that are vibrating, everything in our physical world is therefore vibrating, we just can’t see it, so we all have our own natural vibration, which is unique to every ‘thing’/person, this is called our resonance, our own personal frequency (ever had an interaction with another person and felt like you've been rubbed up the wrong way? that is when your own natural resonance has been affected by the other persons’, they knock you own personal vibration off balance :-).

Everything we can observe and feel around us is vibrating, this not only includes ourselves and our physical world, but also includes our thoughts and emotions that we cannot see. (We often try to verbalise these things, "you could cut the atmosphere with a knife" is used frequently for example, we sense the vibrational frequency of what has just been experienced.)

The difference between the manifestations of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual result simply from different levels of vibrating energy, or frequencies. The feelings of fear, grief and despair vibrate at a very low frequency and are lower vibration, while the feelings of love, joy and gratitude have a much higher frequency and are higher vibration.

Sound Therapy is a way of raising the vibration of all areas of our being (physical, mental, emotional or spiritual) that have dropped below our optimal vibration (natural resonance) through our life experiences, stress, illness. This is done by introducing higher frequencies of vibrational energy into our energy field using Sound with the intention of bringing about homeostasis and balance.

Sound is an amazing therapy that is both effective and gentle, it has the potential to reach all areas of ourselves whether that be within our physical perception or deep within our subconscious emotional and spiritual selves, as everything is energy it has the potential to pass over time to realign the energy passed on from our ancestors. It has the potential to reach and heal well outside our areas of perception. It is incredibly effective as a tool to aide soul retrieval.

Why is the Gong so great as a tool for Sound Healing ?

The Gong is an idiophone which means it makes its sound from itself by vibrating and no other parts such as strings or membranes are needed to produce sound.The Gong is the only instrument which produces the sound of Om or Aum which is the ancient first sound of the universe which contains all other sounds.The Gong is one of the most effective instruments used for sound healing because it incorporates all the tones and harmonics of the sound spectrum including those within our human hearing range and those beyond it, restoring harmony and balance in the body by the process of entrainment through forced resonance.The full sound of the Gong will take over the sound space completely blanking out other sounds. The range of tones that can be produced by a Gong is so wide the human brain struggles to analyse it causing mind chatter to shut down and thus taking us automatically into a meditative state.The Gong has the ability to take us beyond our 5 physical senses and also mix our senses which is a state known as synaesthesia (e.g. tasting or hearing colours) and in doing so takes both Gong player and listener into a world of dreams, visions and feelings where an abundance of creative ideas and inspiration can be presented much more readily than before.

WHat happens at a Gong Sound Bath ?

Number 1, there is no water or nakedness ! You will make yourselves comfy on your yoga mats, with your blankets and pillows, i advise a sleeping bag or similar to lie on top of your yoga mat if you are like me and don't like lying on a hard floor for long periods. You close your eyes and relax.

The Gongs and other instruments are played very gently and the sound builds slowly, you will be completely immersed in sacred sound, it will ebb and flow throughout the Gong Bath, it is certainly not lots of big bangs and crashes that would cause you alarm. Within 20 minutes your brain changes state and your body relaxes. Your body will do what it needs, from sleeping to having visualisations or creative thoughts. There is no sense of time, sometimes it feels like 2 minutes, sometimes several hours. Each session is in the hands of the Gong and they will provide what each of you need for your highest good. Once the Gong Bath has finished, there will be a profound silence in the Gong space. This sacred silence is known as the Shunyata and is very full and intense, the Gongs are still doing their work at an energetic level. This silence will draw to a natural close and the sounds of the world around us will slowly bring us back. The effects can be felt for several days afterwards as with all forms of energy healing.

What are the benefits of a Gong Sound Bath ?

It is so personal to each individual but best described as Relaxation, Rejuvenation & Transformation.The Gong helps us drop into an effortless state of relaxation, it is deeply rejuvenating for our physical bodies and cells. It can be very transformative in helping to unblock and release emotions.The effects of the Gong Bath will be on-going for a few days afterwards and we all receive just what we need at that time, it is different for everyone.

How can i Book ?

For individual treatments please get in touch via one of the social media platforms linked below or use the Contact page.

For Group Gong Baths, there should (famous last words) be a list of Events on the Home page with links to book a place :-)